Beautiful Allison Walnut Baby Grand-Stunning


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General Details

This is a stunning walnut Allison Baby Grand.


It’s so unusual for me to come across walnut pianos, especially baby grands. This piano is stunning, a beautiful piece of furniture.


You can see from the photos how detailed the wood is it’s only 4 foot 3 inches long and 4 foot 8 inches wide. Due to its particularly small size, it would be ideally suited for the smaller property or for someone who is perhaps restricted on space but do not want to settle for an upright piano. It is finished in a very pretty cut of walnut, and would make a fantastic centrepiece or addition to any modern or traditional styled property. This piano plays beautifully.


Allison made pianos for well in excess of 100 years, and thus are respected as one of the better piano manufacturers to come out of the piano world.


000 cm long x 000 cm deep x 000 cm high.


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